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Do you want us  like to support?

Or deposit into our project account:  

BE86 9734 1646 1450

As the Fourth Pillar, or better known as a Citizens' Initiative for Development Aid, we are completely dependent on gifts & donations.

However, we believe that transparency towards benefactors is very important. View our articles of association and financial reports via ' Transparency ' .

Are you not too wide, but would you still like to support us?

An overview of 5 other possibilities to support us:

  1. Donating material for the people of The Gambia: The list of material that we collect can be found at  our page  Collections .

  2. Donate material that we can use within our Northern work. For example in the context of a benefit: cooking utensils, IT material, free use of a room or location. See the ' Fundraisers ' page for more information.

  3. Another way to support us is to make your online purchases through Trooper.  How? If you first click the link  passes, and then click through to the webshop you need, you support us with your order without paying extra for your purchase! After a few days to a week you will receive a confirmation email from Trooper stating the amount with which you supported us.

  4. Support through the purchase of nice products on our webshop

  5. Mentally support and follow our social media.

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