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Collection of help supplies

Throughout the year we collect material for the local population and centers. Minimal one time a year we ship them to The Gambia, and we distribute it personally to different centers based on urgent needs. We see the presence of essential material as the base for providing safe care and education.

What exactly do we collect?

  • Baby linen and clothing from 0 to 6 months: hats, socks, bodies, suits, cloths, shoes,...

  • Women's underwear: pure, cotton, spacious, from size M ( no strings or boxer shorts )

  • All kinds of unused medical and care materials: may be expired, but still packed

  • Pampers, milk bottles, pacifiers, baby food if still sealed, baby stuff,...

  • Nursing pillow for babies: only washable and curved pillows

  • School supplies: notebooks, paper blocks, pens, pencils, backpacks, pencil cases, chalk,...

  • Children's bicycles: for children who live very far from school

  • Only under strict conditions: a well-functioning computer/laptop

Download here our detailed collection list: We do not take materials that are not suitable for health care and education. 

The reason is that if the material don't fit within our southern projects, we cannot use the materials usefully. It also costs our non-profit organization a lot to  export it. We also don't want to make Africa a garbace place. If you doubt whether we can use the materials that you have, please send us an email.



Out of respect for the time, energy and work of our volunteers, we ask that everything is sorted carefully and handed over in a closed bag or boxWe will of course take  only clean and functioning equipment.

Attention! Our collection points only work by appointment. So please make an appointment via our social media or via the contact form.

Our collection points:

Europalaan 9, 2620 Hemiksem (= registered office of the non-profit organization)

Aragonialaan 23, 9140 Steendorp

Floraliënlaan 363/25, 2600 Berchem

​​Export relief goods

We export the collected relief goods minimal once a year. We always plan the export in such a way that the material arrives when someone from our (Belgian or local) Gambiana team is on site. This way we can distribute the goods ourselves to selected (health) centers, schools and families.

This is very important to us: We want to be able to confirm that the material has been used correctly and that it has come into place. Goods delivered are noted in an inventory and photographs are taken each time of the receipt of the goods by the centers, schools or families.

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