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Timeline completed projects
The oldest events are at the bottom, the newest events are at the top.
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Export relief goods

The collected relief goods from 2022 were exported to Gambia in 2023. These will be further distributed to health centers.

Relief supplies (1).JPG

Distribution of relief goods

The relief goods collected from 2021 were distributed in 2022. The medical supplies went to the Gunjur health center, and the school supplies went to the Khalid Walid Bun Arabic school in Gunjur.

Renovation UK

Delivery room Gunjur HC (F1)

Phase 1 of the renovation and extension project of the delivery room at the Gunjur health center was completed in April-May 2022! 


Name change

Dear followers, sympathizers,

As you can see, we are forced to change our beautiful foundation name...
We received several correspondence from Mamas For Africa VZW with the claim to the name. Our name would be too similar to theirs, and since they have a trademark registration in their name, we are forced to change ours. The fact that we are active in another OECD country and have a different name and logo would have no relevance.
We declined the option to "challenge" this issue in a lawsuit because we didn't want to spend the fund we've built up on this for ethical reasons.
Nevertheless, it hurts us very much... We hope that we can count on your support and love.

Mamafrika supports her partnership

Support to partnership

At the beginning of 2021 we donated a support amount to two promising local entrepreneurs. The ASK Communication Center and the Nyamina Garden, both in Gunjur, received support to improve their business.

The Nyamina garden (lodge) received a generator to generate electricity and pump water. They also received a large refrigerator with a freezer compartment, so that they can serve their guests cold drinks and better store food.
The ASK Communication center received a grant for new internet cabling (still pending). They also received 4 beautiful wooden chairs for the internet cafe.



From now on you can also support school children in The Gambia by purchasing CorrectBooks! 
These are durable A5 notebooks, designed by the company CorrectBook, whose ink is erasable and the pen refillable. Good for years of writing pleasure!
Thanks to these booklets, school children in The Gambia can better practice writing and reading at school and at home, and the booklet will not quickly end up on the waste mountain.
Every child who receives a scholarship through us will also receive such a booklet.


Scholarships for Gambian schoolchildren

From school year 2021-2022 you can also support children in Gambia with their school attendance through us. The scholarship provides you with support for school fees, materials, lunch and other extras if desired. Scholarships appear to be a necessity for many children in Gambia, because otherwise they would not be able to go to school or complete their education.
Because we consider Education very important for the future of a child (and a country), we actively work on sustainable development through this program.objective 4 "quality education for every child" (SDG 3, UN).


Delivery of maternity packages

Our local team delivered not only food packages, but also maternity packages to Gambian friends/family on request: Pampers, shampoo, soap, blankets, maternity pads, ... and so on. 

Foodpackets for Gambia 2020 due to covid

Distribution of food parcels for the local population

The Gambia went into lockdown due to Corona. Unlike with us, they did not receive support measures for temporary unemployment. So the population had a very hard time.
That is why vzw Gambiana spent a certain budget to provide a basic package to 26 large families.
Our local Gambiana team took care of the distribution of these packages with great enthusiasm.
See more photos of this in our albums. 

Mamafrika 2020 (30).JPG

Project trip 2020

During the annual project trip, fun volunteer work was again planned in the delivery room, maternity and paediatrics.
This first time was very exciting for Shana.
The many photos can be found in our photo album.

Unfortunately, this trip was largely in the water due to the worldwide rise of the Coronavirus and its consequences...
Our team was repatriated.


Purchase medical equipment

Specific health care products in The Gambia cannot be collected and/or exported from Belgium. Specific items can only be purchased locally.
Gunjur's health center was in need of HB strips for use in the laboratory. This allows diseases to be diagnosed (and then treated). Our non-profit organization bought a few boxes of these important but expensive comics. 

Pickup helpsupplies and dividing (195).J

Distribution of the relief goods

In March 2020, we distributed the relief goods that we collected over the year 2019 over 2 health centers: Siffoe H/C and Gunjur H/C. 
Thanks to the presence of baby linen, care and medical equipment, specific much-needed care can be given in a safe way for the care provider and care recipient. 

EXPORT 2020 (41).jpg

Export of relief goods 2020

* Milestone *

In January 2020 we shipped our first load of collected relief goods by boat through the foundation/export company 'Gambia For You'.

In total we collected more than 26 large boxes of medical equipment & baby linen. 

2019 (1).png

Presentation of our project to the Ministry of Health

We presented our project to the National Health Director in Banjul, Gambia (2019). He wished us the best of luck with our future South projects.

GHC (14).JPG

Project trip 2019

Volunteering at the Gunjur Health Center by Sabrina & Sonja.

During the work in the delivery room and maternity, collected baby linen was donated to new mothers and their baby.

More photos can be found in the album of the project trip 2019. 


Database King Boudewijn Foundation

We are in the database of charities of the KBS foundation. 

Mamafrika 2019 (12).JPG


For advice and information regarding development aid, we became a member of the Fourth Pillar Support Center and the umbrella organization 11.11.11. 

Mamafrika 2019 (57).jpg

Establishment of local team

In order to be able to build up a strong Emergency South operation, we also set up a Gambian team in January 2019. 

logo zwarte letters.png

Establishment of a charity in the name of 'Mamafrika'

In January 2019 Sabrina founded the charity 'MAMAFRIKA' together with a handful of motivated people. Within this charity we would try to improve the health care for mothers and children in the Gambia (SDG 3, UN). After all, from her experience it was the case that much-needed matters and concerns could often not be given due to the lack of knowledge, material and infrastructure. 

Mamafrika 2014 (151).JPG

International internship

In 2014 Sabrina, a third-year student of Midwifery, went "on Erasmus" in The Gambia for three months. This was a life changing experience!

She worked at the Gunjur health center and lived with the locals. During this period she built a relationship with them.

She returned annually to volunteer in the same delivery room.

After this, the idea grew to do more... 

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